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ARTIFACT INTERNATIONAL is a membership program run by me (Jeremy Bassetti) to support writing and photography projects like special edition books, interviews with authors, newsletters, and much more.

It is essentially a “patronage” program designed to help fund the projects I have been spearheading. That said, my “north star” is writing, designing, and publishing at least one special edition ARTIFACT INT’L book every year or two. The goal is to create mindfully designed artifacts, records of experiences around the world.

The benefits of ARTIFACT INT’L membership

Members of ARTIFACT INT’L get exclusive benefits for their support. Members get

  • Discounts on special edition books1
  • Discounts on prints2
  • Discounts on my Lightroom presets pack3
  • Named as a supporting member in ARTIFACT INT’L publications4 
  • Digital copies of ARTIFACT INT’L books
  • Members-only discord server
  • Members-only newsletter
  • Members-only podcast feed
  • Invitations to attend members-only ARTIFACT INT’L livestreams
  • Members-only media archive
  • Additional perks added from time to time

Paying it forward

Besides the benefits listed above, members of ARTIFACT INT’L provide the financial backbone for the work I do, most of which is freely available to everyone. These include

Yearly reviews

At the end of each year, I write a report on what we’ve created in the last twelve months. January 2022 marks the soft, squishy launch of ARTIFACT INT’L. While we haven’t published an ARTIFACT INT’L book yet, we are planning on publishing our first in 2023. 

Here is a running list of my reports:

2021 End of Year Review


Who are you?

Hello. I’m Jeremy Bassetti. To learn more about me and my work, the easiest thing to do would be to peruse my personal website. Though, if you want more information, you can read about me and my work here, here, and here (links). You can also listen to my Travel Writing World podcast and subscribe to my Genius Loci newsletter to keep tabs on what I’m up to.

Why should I give you money?

Your financial support helps support an extended universe of work related to travel writing: special edition books, podcasts, newsletters, etc. Your help keeps most of this work freely available to all. 

More selfishly, your membership helps me clear my schedule to think about, write, and produce material that aspires to be meaningful for the broader community interested in travel, photography, and the literature of place.  

If the idea of supporting the work of an independent creator interests you, please consider becoming an ARTIFACT INT’L member.

Why special edition books?

Digital and print-on-demand technologies have been revolutionizing the publishing industry for over a decade. Despite (or perhaps because of) all the benefits these technologies deliver to publishers, writers, and readers, they are further threatening the book’s aura. The goal of ARTIFACT INT’L is to create unique artifacts, limited edition books that are carefully written, mindfully designed, and beautifully crafted. From the hand-feel of the paper, to the layout of the page, and to the interplay between words and images, I want you to enjoy the experience of reading one of my books.

That said, I am not sure it is prudent to turn our backs on modern technologies. While my focus is on the limited edition object, I have plans to offer ARTIFACT INT’L books as trade paperbacks using print-on-demand technology, the backbone of modern indie publishing. These trade paperbacks will differ from the limited edition publications in that they will be un-editioned, unsigned, inexpensive, and printed in black and white using economical materials. Think of these trade paperback books as reproductions or photocopies of the limited edition artifacts.

Is my financial information secure? 

Yes. Industry-standard payment processing platforms handle and encrypt all payments.

Why don’t you just use Patreon and other services?

I’ve used Patreon and other “patronage” services in the past. But hosting the membership program on my website circumvents these costly middlemen.5 Moreover, I have little control over how these “patronage” services operate. Hosting the membership program myself allows me to have more control, keep my costs down, and offer more robust perks and benefits to members. If you’d like to support my work through PayPal or Patreon instead, you can find my legacy links here.6

Can I cancel or upgrade my membership?

Yes. Fiddling with your membership is easy. Visit the Member Zone.

How can I support you without becoming an ARTIFACT INT’L member?

There are a few ways you can support ARTIFACT INT’L without becoming a member. First, you can purchase our products from the shop. But if you’re going to purchase a limited edition book, please note that ARTIFACT INT’L members get discounts.

You also can also support me for free by subscribing to the Travel Writing World podcast, joining the Genius Loci newsletter, and connecting on social media (Twitter and Instagram, for example). Of course, sharing podcast episodes, newsletters, and articles with your friends on social media is also helpful. And reviewing the podcast with 5 stars in Apple Podcasts helps more listeners discover it.

Where did you get the idea of ARTIFACT INT’L?

I’ve modeled ARTIFACT INT’L on the work Craig Mod.

More questions?

Reach out: Jeremy []

Let’s create artifacts together


$10 / Month

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$100 / Year

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Join the mailing list to get news and project updates:

. Notes --
  1. Yearly members get 40% off and monthly members get 10% off. This is the soft launch, but work will begin on our first special edition book in Q3/4 of 2022.[]
  2. Ditto. Yearly members get 40% off and monthly members get 10% off.[]
  3. Yearly members get this for free. Monthly members get 50% off.[]
  4. All members current at the time of publication.[]
  5. At the time of writing, Patreon’s fees are around 8% and do not include an additional credit card processing fee of around 3.5%.[]
  6. Please note that most member benefits will not be available to PayPal or Patreon supporters.[]

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